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From time to time, media that wasn't intended for the public, gets leaked. Some of the most memorable are Kim Kardashian's tape, Paris Hilton's infamous '1 Night in Paris' [film] and cell phone hack, David Hasselhoff's drunken antics, OJ Simpson's slow-speed chase, Vida Guerra's nude pictures and Alec Baldwin's threatning message to his daughter.. While some wreck lives, others make household names of relative nobodies and some even bring to light secrets have been hidden for many, many years.

Such is the case with out latest find. Have you noticed the barage of how-to books, kits and DVDs that are supposed to teach you the secrets of street magicians and card tricks? If you're like us, you've have.

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Let's be honest now... Who hasn't dreamt of having some sort of special powers? Whether you wanted to be invisible, see through objects, levitate or perform simple card tricks to wow your friends and co-slaves (er, we mean workers), you've definitely found that most true magicians would never share their magic. Actually, it's against magician code. We know. We checked!

So... if magicians aren't allowed to tell their secrets then why are there so many magician how-to kits, books and DVDs?!

One reason could be that the "magician" isn't a true magician. Another could be that the magician put together a collage of "safe" tricks which means they've kept all the great trick secrets to themselves! The last and most probable (although it could be a combination of all three reasons!) is that the magician is teaching the tricks in a way that you'll never be able to master.

We've bought our share of DVDs and were downright disappointed. The tricks were either too complicated or the explanation was too vague to pull off on anything other than an editable video. After plunking down $98 on a worthless instructional video, we felt used... and that's also why we were excited when we were approached by someone who claimed to have a magicians-only training tape. We'll call this person "Ted" (this obviously isn't his real name).

We'll admit, this guy found us and was initially interested in a joint venture deal. Ted was in it for the money and that made us doubt him but his story checked out and his video had some crazy tricks that we were able to do in front of some friends after just one viewing without too much practice.

While we're not sure about why he took the raw footage for 'The Apprentice Guide to Magic' (not the real name, it had to be changed for legal reasons) and reworked it into his own legally hacked training guide, we accept that this stuff has to be shared. It's the real deal and there's no better way to learn REAL magic tricks in just a few short hours that'll impress the pants off anyone.

If you still have questions, email us or call us (800) 582-0191.

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Magicians such as David Blaine, David Copperfield and Criss Angel
 have been performing these magic tricks for years.


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