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LEAKED MAGIC - DVD magic card tricks Learn Easy Free Card Magic Tricks

Before you search for an amazing trick, look inside yourself and try to do something amazing with a trick.

If you think that you can... you can do it!
The secret is revealed!

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This DVD of card magic tricks will explain to you in simples steps how to do amazing tricks with regular cards. You don't need to be an expert magician, have special hands or anything else. You only need to enjoy magic, so in little time you will do magic tricks with your family and friends.

Soon you will see how the magic can help you with your self-esteem and how to interact with others.

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The spectator takes one card and shows it to the audience. Then he puts it back in the deck, and he cuts the deck three times. The magician takes the deck and looks at the cards, also at the spectator eyes, because the eyes can tell many things, one begins the card! The magician takes one card from the deck and puts it on the table face down, and asks the spectator. Which is your card? The spectator says his card, then the magician tells him to turn the card on the table face up, the spectator does so and the card on the table is the spectatorís card.


It is very easy, but you need to practice all the moves and expressions. In the deck, separate red cards from the black cards. Put the black cards on the red cards. Spread the cards in your hands and tell the spectator pick a card. You need spread just the black cards that are on the top of the deck, so the spectator will take a black card. Tell him to show the card to everybody, in  this moment you put back the cards in your hands and spread them again but only the cards on the bottom that are red. The spectator puts his card back in the deck, so his card will be in any place in the red cards. Put the deck on the table and tell the spectator to cut the deck and completed it three times. Donít worry nothing happens, because it is in a circle. Take the deck and look for the spectatorís card. It is the only black card in the red cards, so it is easy to know which his card is. You need to play up the situation. Watch the spectatorís eyes and tell him that the eyes will reveal the card. So, take his card and put it on the table face down. Ask him what is the card that he took, and when he say the card, ask him to turn over the card that is on the table, because you donít want to touch it again. He will turn over the card, and it will be his card!

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