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LEAKED MAGIC - DVD magic card tricks Learn Easy Free Card Magic Tricks

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Take from the deck 16 cards: 4 aces, 4 Kings, 4 Queens and 4 Jacks. Put these cards face up and show them to everybody. Say, “Hmmm, this is a good hand to play any game on the table. I will mix the cards and show you how the m a g i c p l a y s w i t h m e . ”

Pick up the Aces and show them to the people. Say, “My favorites.'' Put the Aces back on the table face up, one by one from the left to the right as shown in photo number 1.

Place the four Kings, one each, on top of the Aces, covering them. Do the same with the Jacks and Queens. Explain that the casinos do this the same way. Put the first packet on top of the second packet, then put both on top of the third packet, then all the cards on top of the fourth packet. Now you have one packet of cards. Look at photo number 2.

Put the packet face down on the table. Say, “Does it look mi x e d ? Ye s , b u t we n e e d t o b e s u r e . ' '

Tell somebody to cut the packet in half and put it back together again. They do this by picking up half the deck, putting it on the table next to the remaining half and then placing the remaining half on top of it. Tell them to do this two times. Now the third time, you cut the cards You say, “Ok, does someone want to play? It's only $5,000!!!!! Ok, today is free. But remember that the cards were mixed and we cut the cards several times, so it is impossible that the cards are organized again.''

Look at everyone and say, “But remember, the magic likes t o p l a y w i t h m e . ' '

So deal the cards one by one from left to right to three people, keeping the fourth card for you. When you finish, turn over the first person's packet, and all the cards will be the same (for instance, all Queens or Jacks or Kings). Turn over the second person's packet and then the third person's packet and then yours. You will have all the Aces. Say, “I told you the magic likes to play with me.''

S e c r e t :

Just follow the instructions described in the game. The trick is automatic. To get all the Aces that appear in your hand at the end of the trick, follow these steps: When you take the packet after somebody has cut it two times, you need to cut the packet again and leave an Ace under deck…Look at photo number 3. You can do it different ways (cutting the card corner, fold down the card and more…).

Tips: Even with this classic trick, you can adapt this game to various routines and make modifications.

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